Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For the Dog Who Has Everything

I was at the mall today with my 4 year old. My purpose was to exchange some B&BW fragrance I received for Christmas; not fun for the 4 year old, but very satisfying for me (they are having a great sale right now!). So in addition to riding the elevator twice and the "escavator" (escalator) too many times, we stopped at the pet store. I've had my share of domestic creatures cohabitating with me, so this was nothing more than a trip to the canine zoo. I can't believe how much those dogs cost! We didn't pay that much for the car our teenager drives.

During our pass through the zoo/pet store, I saw these strollers for sale...so funny! Mind you, my most recent dog was larger than our 4 year old and weighed in at 95 Lbs (the dog, not the kid).

I wonder if Paris has one for her pooch.


Brent and Terina Maldonado said...

I've actually seen someone pushing a dog around in one of those!! I laughed out loud right in front of them. Ooops. Couln't help it!

Chelley said...

That's so funny! I am with you- I could never pay that much for a pet. Granted, I have 5 pets/children at home and they are expensive enough!

Anonymous said...

I have one pet and most days that is one too many for me. Even though she's a good pooch I don't want to pay more than her dry dog food bill each month! Funny post!