Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Save The Date...

I'm so excited about this new stamp set called Save The Date (Item D1386). You can see the complete stamp images on page 80 of the Fall/Winter Idea book. [Just follow the link on the right...see that book with the three girls on the front? go ahead and click it.] Anyway, back to why I love this stamp set: it's loaded with tags such as dates, seasons, holidays, and years going all the way to 2016. This makes it so easy for me to quickly add a time stamp to any scrapbook layout, such as this one of my little cutie on her 100th day of school.
See how I stamped JAN 2009 in the corner beneath that photo? I could have used January 2009 or New Year's 2009...yep, it's all in there.

And when you purchase this set, you're on your way to qualifying for a free Everyday Celebrations card kit. More details about that are on the right too.

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Marilyn said...

I want the shoulder tote!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute Pages!