Saturday, April 10, 2010

Motorcycle Mama

Yep, that's me on the back of a Honda 750 with my husband, Clark. We planned to go to lunch, and a matinee today and I suggested we take the bike. Once I got on and we rounded the corner I questioned my sanity. I wasn't that fond of my husband driving a motorcycle, and now I was riding on the back of the same one he was driving.

I started thinking crazy thoughts like what if he can't turn with my added weight on the back, what if he can't stop fast enough. Who will take care of the children we left at home. However, after a short time, Clark proved himself to be very capable of handing the bike with an extra passenger. But then my paranoid brain began to conjure up images of other cars crashing into us, or suddenly stopping in front of us. I had to shoo those thoughts away quickly before freaking out and needing serious medical treatment.

We headed down the long on-ramp of the US60 and I felt my grip tighten around Clark's waist (I'm surprised he could still breath) and my legs squeezed tight, as if that would save me. I think they call that the death grip. I was really scared. It was like getting on a rollercoaster - exciting and exhilirating but frightening all at the same time. As time went by I began to relax a bit more and enjoy the ride.

I'm sorry I doubted you honey. Stay safe!

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Marilyn said...

You are such a babe!