Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Hey friends, I didn't really fall into a sink-hole or have an E.T. experience. I've been distracted since returning home from Washington D.C. where I attended the CTMH national convention (more about that in a minute). Since returning home I've had a birthday, swim team finals for two children, syncronized swim finals for another child and back-to-school shopping (yes, it's that time again). This will be the first year that all of my children will attend public school all day long. THAT is a mix of emotions; we'll see how the first few days go. I have one more birthday party to plan and then I'm home free (okay, there's always something, but I can see the light).

What can I tell you about D.C.? AMAZING. This was my second national convention with Close To My Heart, an event held just for consultants. I'm so impressed with this company. Not only do I get to be my own boss, but they make it so easy and fun. We were treated to 4 days of first-class instruction and creativity which I can hardly wait to share with you. Stay tuned, the new idea book goes live September 1st.

I extended my trip to D.C. a few days so I could take in the history and sites. I have been there once before when I was a junior in high school as part of the Close-Up program; but there are new things to see an do 26 years later. I was impressed by how large the WWII memorial is, and I don't remember the Korean War memorial being there before. I visited the holocaust museum which is very well done and disturbing, as it should be. It's difficult to take in.

Part of the WWII Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Did you know the only marshmallow Peep store in the U.S. is in National Harbor, MD just outside of the Capital, and walking distance from my hotel? I shared that morsel of trivia with my kids before I left Arizona, and every time I called home they would ask, "Did you go to the Peep store yet? One time I asked my little guy if he was more excited for me to come home or the Peeps to come home. His reply: "I'm excited for YOU to come home with the Peeps." What a charmer. Needless to say they were very glad to rot their teeth with the chocolate covered marshmallow chicks.


Chelley said...

I have never seen chocolate covered marshmallow peeps before. Sounds kinda icky tho! I am jealous of your DC trip, it sounds wonderful! I would love to go there one day and see all of those things, glad you had the chance!!

Valerie Ipson said...

Even chocolate-covered I don't think I'd venture into eating a peep. Guess you gotta be a kid to love it or a bigger kid-at-heart than I am.

Sheila Wilkerson - EzScrapbooks said...

I'm with you Valerie, I'm not a fan of Marshmallows, unless they're in rice crispy treats. :)