Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I won "Fanciest Cookies" title!

My new friend, Katie, invited me to her annual cookie exchange this year.  I like this one because I only had to make 3 dozen cookies.  I've made as many as 12 dozen in the past.  Katie gives out prizes and my cookies won Fanciest Cookies. Wahoo!!  They are not hard at all, especially when you decorate them while watching reruns of Downton Abby Season 2 (can hardly wait for January 6th - season 3). You can find the cookie recipe at OurBestBites.Com.
Tip: I made the white icing a little thicker than the colored icing so it would hold it's shape better.

Here's another tip for making cut-out sugar cookies.  After mixing the dough, put a portion in a gallon size zipper bag and press dough around filling the space in the bag until you reach your desired thickness. Don't zip the bag shut until you have the dough flattened inside the bag.  Then you can refrigerate or freeze your dough.  When you're ready to cut shapes simply cut the sides of the bag and lay it open. Cut right from the bag.  You can roll any excess dough out again by scrunching it in a ball and putting the top layer of the bag over the ball, then roll with your rolling pin...ready for more cookie cutting. Pretty nifty.  And rather than dip your cookie cutter in flour, use powdered sugar.


Happy Holidays,

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katielyn said...

What a great trick for cutting them out! I can't wait to try it!