Friday, January 4, 2013

You've Got to Try This Bread Pudding

Words cannot describe this sweet and slightly tart raspberry bread pudding I made for my husband's birthday last month, before my new year's resolution to lose weight kicked in.  I must admit that my mouth is watering just thinking about this heavenly/sinful dessert.  Its one of my family's new favorites.

You can access the recipe by clicking this link:

This will fill a 9x13 pan to the tip top.  If you want to save yourself some calories, cut the recipe in half.  The second time I made this dessert (yep, twice the temptation) I used the triple berry combination sold at Costco - good, but I like the tartness of 100% raspberries.

A few tips - buy French bread a few days ahead of time. I trimmed a lot of the crust off before cubing the remaining loaf.  Then I let it dry on cookie sheets for several hours. I plan to do this night before if I make it again.  Bread that is slightly dried out is better for soaking up all that creamy sugary goodness. Also, place a baking sheet lined with foil under your baking dish to catch overflowing fruit.  Then you can just toss the foil for easy clean up.

This looks hard, but it is a fairly simple dessert that will wrap itself around your tastebuds...not to mention your thighs. LOL


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