Thursday, August 15, 2013

Epic Minecraft Birthday Party

My eyes have been opened to the pixelated world my kids are so obsessed with thanks to my son's Epic Minecraft Birthday Party!  Here's how you do it: pick a date, wait a week before the date, and lift all the ideas you can from Pinterest and Google searches.  The only thing I take credit for here is the marshmallow Ghasts, (Yes, spelled with an A).

Pretty Cute, hugh?  I used S'moreMallows, the square, flat kind and some melted chocolate in a piping bag. Actually I put the melted chocolate in a sandwich baggie and cut off the tip.  Before adding the chocolate face, I used scissors to cut the legs.  Super easy!

The best part was hearing my little boy thank me SEVERAL times for doing this party for him.

Here are some more pictures followed by credit where credit is due.

The Food

I wish I had taken a better picture of the "grass blocks AND the Jello jigglers "diamonds"
First impression


Pin the tail on the Pig

The kids wore the Steve head rather than a blindfold 

Everyone made their own pixel face

Of course they played the video game that inspired the madness

Perler Beads were a huge hit

You can see why

3D Steve and Creeper make great decorations
Credits (I hope I included all of them):

Now to scrapbook all the fun...
Have a memorable day,


Casandra Bennett said...

Amazing! What a fabulous birthday party! Honestly, I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into following a theme with such detail. :)

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Lorene Holbrook said...

great party! I now follow by email!