Monday, February 9, 2009

How Many Fat Grams?!

A few months ago our whole family ate out thanks to Grandpa treating us to dinner. My youngest son loved the baked macaroni and cheese so much I had to order a second helping for him. So I decided to look online for a recipe to make this at home. It was a big hit, but look at the "nutritional" information (I used the word loosely). I made a triple batch because I knew my family would like it.


Chelley said...

Holy cow! Sometimes I am better off not knowing! I did a little research on my fav meal (Stuffed Chicken Marsala) at the Olive Garden for a biology class last year and found out it had 107 fat grams!! Holy fat cow! I couldn't eat it after that! Ruined it for me!

Marilyn said...