Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Put Off Today What You Can Do Tomorrow?

I don't scrapbook events in chronological order, but I do like to put the completed layouts in order in the albums. So when I complete a layout I put it in a big box until I can organize them all by date and put them in the books. Here I am sorting three years of scrapbook layouts for five children. I don't recommend sitting on the floor for half a day at my age, but I needed the space to spread out. It feels really good to have the layouts organized and stored in albums. The biggest payoff is sharing them with my kids. They love looking back at birthdays, holidays, vacations and just-because days.

Now that the box is empty, I see I have some gaps to fill in those books. Thank goodness Studio J is coming...stay tuned.


Valerie Ipson said...

I notice your donut is sitting there unused. :)

Chelley said...

Good for you! I also love sharing my scrapbook with my children. We love looking through our memories and that makes these pages priceless to me. Looking forward to another great year of scrapbooking!!

Sheila Wilkerson - EzScrapbooks said...

Valerie, I noticed that donut too. Wish I had photoshoped that out. :-)