Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creating the Perfect Title

Stickers are convenient, but what happens when all the common letters are used? You're left with a sheet of Q, X and Z, among others. I always have the letters I need when using my Close To My Heart alphabet stamp sets. There are many fonts and sizes to choose from. And they're easy to use as well.

I use the lines on my Versamat to line up the letters.

Since I need two h's I can leave a space for the first one and stamp the image later. Sure, I could leave off the last h, but I find it easier to line up the missing letter between two existing letters.

The next step is to lift the letters of the Versamat using my acrylic block. By pressing the block down on the letters, they cling to the block and lift up in alignment. Now they're ready to ink and stamp.

Stamp the ink images on your project.

Next, add the missing h.

I cleaned the stamps and moved the h from the large acrylic block to a block all by itself. Then I inked the h and situated it between the C and E in Cherish.

Viola! Perfectly straight titles every time.

Special thanks to my friend Melissa Robinson for inspiring this scrapbook layout.

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Kim said...

Thanks for the tip, I didn't think of that!