Thursday, September 30, 2010

Studio J Is Making My Life Easier...

I created several layouts using Studio J while catching up on some TV shows on my TiVo. This is pretty addicting. There are no paper or supplies to set up or put away. No photos to print & crop, hoping for the right size. No adhesive or expensive tools. Just me, my laptop and my remote (for the TV). You could even create while your child is sitting on your lap and not have to worry about them getting coated in glue and ink.

All Studio J layouts are sold as two pages, but I created this layout below with the intention of using each page by itself as a one page layout. I'm one of those crazy moms who does a scrapbook for each kid. I realized that one child didn't have backyard pool photos for 2006 or 2007. Problem solved in a snap with Studio J.

There's nothing to download and no obligation to buy. Please visit my website and have some fun with this exciting product. If you would like a "tour", contact me and we can set it up.

You might also find this link useful in your discovery of Studio J.

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