Monday, November 22, 2010

Gratitude Box

My friend, Claire, shared a holiday tradition her family enjoys this time of year. They each write down things they are thankful for on strips of paper and insert them anonomously into a box. On Thanksgiving Day one person is elected to read each comment aloud as the rest of the participants guess who was the author.

I really like this idea and decided to make a Gratitude Box for our family. I used a plain white 4x6" recipe box from Close To My Heart and decorated it with leftover scraps from the Olivia paper collection. Stamps used include: A Little Thanks (November Stamp of the Month), and Many Thanks. I used Mocha Opaques to create the faux metal accents.

My six-year-old has already submitted a few things he is thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


hufflepufffamily said...

I really really love that!!! Well done and I may have to copy :)

Ruthie's Greetings (Handmade Cards) said...

I love your box!! It's a good idea, especially for the kids. It will help them appreciate things more.

Ganhe€ said...

Congratulations! Great blog!

Hopping said...

Great Spelling!